With Marco Polo Channels, this business strategist put a consultancy in her clients’ pockets

North Wales, PA

In her 27 years of consulting, business strategist Dr. Terri Levine has helped more than 6,000 clients in dozens of service sectors transform their businesses. Using her trademark Heart-repreneur® method, Terri teaches entrepreneurs how to scale their businesses efficiently and effectively to create an ongoing stream of qualified prospects, make a guaranteed 200% return on investment, and gain more time freedom.

Terri’s own multimillion-dollar business serves as an example for her clients (or as she calls them, her client family members). During the year Terri divides her time between the beaches of Mexico, the shores of New Jersey, and her home base outside Philadelphia. Hers is a model for freedom, flexibility, and abundance in work and in life.

Here’s how, with minimal overhead, Terri incorporated Marco Polo Channels into her existing coaching program, giving her client family members an innovative value-add service along with direct, personalized access to her. She calls this unique combination “a consultancy in their pockets.”

Marco Polo Channels: A convenient but high impact complement to live coaching

Group consulting is a hallmark of Terri’s practice. For an annual fee, client family members – comprising coaches, consultants, speakers, trainers, authors, naturopaths, chiropractors, and other service providers – gain access to weekly live small-group meetings. In this community-based online setting, Terri provides education, resources, and concrete strategies for generating more leads and closing more sales.

The format has worked beautifully, Terri says, except that she also wanted to give clients a way to connect with her directly, authentically, and on their own time, without having to wait until the next group meeting.

Terri had already been a big fan of the Marco Polo app, using it regularly to stay in touch with friends, family, and clients. She loved its ease of use, its personal nature, and the convenience of asynchronous communication.

“Then I discovered Marco Polo Channels. And I got really excited. I thought wow – I could put up a weekly training video for my clients, I could do Q&A with them, I could add bonus content. And I’d get to answer their questions in the moment, with other members of the community being able to see their questions and my responses. Which basically meant they would all learn from each other. There would be synergy and synchronicity.”

The Heart-repreneur® Channel: Structured for success

Once she got the Heart-repreneur® Channel up and running, Terri set up a consistent, reliable content structure to provide training, Q&A, resources, tools, and strategies throughout the week.

On Mondays, she and her clients gather live. On Wednesday or Thursday, she uploads a core training video to Channels along with a “homeplay” assignment. Members post responses, comments, and questions, learning from Terri and each other throughout the week. On Fridays, the group shares wins and celebrations.

Terri loves to teach by example. For instance, she might guest-teach a client’s webinar and then use that real-world example as the basis for a midweek Channels training video. All week long, members can comment, ask questions, talk about their own wins, and pitch in to share resources with each other.

"Out of all the tools that I have discovered and invested in, Channels has become the number one resource because my client family members have me Monday through Friday, nine to five Eastern, literally in their pockets."

A boon for clients, with minimal leader overhead

Terri’s use of Channels is a model for other Channels leaders who want to increase the impact of their existing coaching programs without having to spend a lot of extra time.

Terri notes that since she includes the Heart-repreneur ® Channel as part of her annual group coaching service, direct Channel income was never her focus. But that doesn’t mean Channels hasn’t led to tangible results.  

For one thing, Terri has a new avenue for promotion. One Friday, for example, a client shared on Channels that thanks to Terri’s coaching, her latest webinar had generated more than $500,000 in sales. Not only did this serve as inspiration for the group; it gave Terri a valuable case study to use for future promotion.

Channels has also increased her conversion rate. Clients are seeing the benefit of getting fast, direct access to Terri, which adds value to her overall service offerings. She calls Channels a blessing that has transformed her business.

“Out of all the tools that I have discovered and invested in, Channels has become the number one resource because my client family members have me Monday through Friday, nine to five, literally in their pockets,” Terri says. “They love it, I love it, and it’s provided a way to help them grow faster and achieve their target ROI without my having to do a lot of additional consulting work.”

Terri’s top Channels features

#1. It’s an app. Running a lifestyle business lets Terri live where her heart takes her. She says, “I love just to be able to pick up my phone and not even be tied to a laptop or a computer.”

#2. Face-to-face communication sustains relationships. For Terri, who has worked with some clients for two decades, connection is everything. “I actually can see my client family members when they leave me a message. To build a relationship, it really helps that we can see each other and talk to each other.”

#3. Easy content searching. Past posts are easily searchable if Terri or a member wants to refer to them without having to dig around or scroll.

#4. Q&A. Terri values the directness of one-on-one questions but also the one-minute time limit of the Q&A feature. “It allows clients to concisely laser-ask their questions and for me to laser-answer. I think that’s how true consulting works best.”

About Terri

Dr. Terri Levine is a top business strategist, TV and radio show host, bestselling author of dozens of titles on business, sales, and marketing, and an in-demand keynote speaker. Her proven marketing strategies result in more leads, more customers, more wealth, and more time-freedom. Find Terri on her website, heartrepreneur.com.  

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