Channels best practices and how Channels fits into your business

As you think about creating a Channel, you might be wondering how the platform can fit into your business. We've seen Channel leaders achieve success using these models:

  • Monthly subscriptions, offering your members fresh content month to month.
  • One-time fee courses, a great option if you want to teach a course with a set start and end point.
  • Value-add Channels that complement your existing group coaching program with additional content.

How often should I post to my Channel?

Each leader sets their own schedule. While some leaders post every day, some might have a Monday, Wednesday, Friday cadence or post once per week. 

The most important thing is to set expectations from the beginning. Let your members know when they will hear from you and how you want them to engage with your posts. The welcome video is a great place to share how often you will be posting and the type of content you plan to share with your Channel members.

What kind of content should I be sharing?

This is completely up to you – there are so many great options! But we've seen these types of content work well.  

Educational content

  • You can build a Channel around bite-sized educational posts, or focus your Channel on one particular topic, going in-depth to provide valuable insights into your area of expertise. You can also divide your educational content into several posts to make the information easily digestible. 
  • Some leaders have monthly themes so that within their area of expertise, they can educate members around different but related topics month to month. 

Question & answer sessions

  • Members tell us that one of the huge benefits of Channels is the level of interaction they have with you as the Channel leader. A question and answer exchange can give members a specific, targeted opportunity to ask you a question of up to one minute in length. 
  • To start a question and answer exchange, first record a video encouraging your members to leave a question by a certain time of the day or week. Then, you can respond to their comments at your convenience. 
  • We've heard from members that they gain tremendous value from hearing answers to both their own and other members' questions.

Accountability check-ins

  • Checking in with members to see how they’re doing, what content is landing well with them, or whether they need help is another way to keep them engaged with your Channel.
  • Not only are you able to hold members accountable; members keep each other accountable, which can generate and encourage an environment of support. 

Browse some our our Channels case studies to learn more about how other Channel leaders are successfully using the platform. 

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