How can I share links in my Channel?

You can either share links in a post or on the Extras tab.*

To share a link within a post:

  1. Tap the blue + icon.
  2. Record your post and enter your title in the description area. 
  3. Select Insert a Link and paste the link you’d like to share. 
  4. Tap Share.

💡Pro Tip: You can include multiple links in the Description section of the post. 

To share links on the Extras tab:

  1. Navigate to the Extras tab.
  2. Tap the blue + icon.
  3. Select Add a link.
  4. Enter a title and then paste the link you want to share. You can add it to an existing section or create a new category.
  5. Select Share.

*Note: The Extras tab is an additional feature we can turn on for you. To turn on the Extras tab for your Channel, email

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