Q&A feature

Channel posts, as well as comments and replies to posts, are publicly viewable by everyone within the Channel. If you want to provide a way for members to reach out to you privately, you can add the Q&A feature* to your Channel.

With the Q&A feature:

  • Members can text you a question and elaborate with a video of up to one minute in length. 
  • You as the leader can respond via video without a time limit on your recording. 
  • Within this “private video dm,” you can send videos back and forth. 

The Q&A feature can be a great addition to Channels with higher-tier clients, Channels in which members need extra support, or Channels covering sensitive topics.  

Tap here to learn more about how Q&A works. 

To turn on the Q&A feature for your Channel, email us at leader@marcopolo.me.

* The Q&A feature is a Pro feature available for Channel leaders on the Pro subscription plan. You can easily upgrade your plan through your admin dashboard.

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