The Extras tab

The Extras tab* is a great tool for adding resources for members. On the Extras tab you can: 

  • Upload links, photos, and videos for members to easily access in one place.  
  • Create different categories to keep all that great new content organized. 

Tap here for a quick overview of how the Extras tab works. 

If you’d like to add the Extras tab to your Channel, email us at

Sorting Extras

Would you like to re-organize posts within an Extras tab category? To do this:

1. Navigate to your Extras tab within your Channel

2. Select the filter icon

3. Tap on Reorder Extras in this Row

4. Here you can select an item, long press and drag it to the right spot.

Duplicating Extras to a New Channel

Did you put a lot of work into your Extras tab and want to reuse it? Now you can easily import an existing Extras tab to a new Channel by logging in to on your desktop. Once logged in:

1. Navigate to My Services

2. Tap on Manage Posts

3. Select the three dots next to the Settings icon at the top

4. Tap on Import Extras

Note: Unlike posts on the main Channel feed, content shared in the Extras tab can’t be commented on.

* The Extras tab is a Pro feature available for Channel leaders on the Pro subscription plan. You can easily upgrade your plan through your admin dashboard.

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