How do I join a Channel?

In order to sign up for Channel, you need to first register for it on your web browser. Once you’ve registered, you can sign in to access your Channel on the Marco Polo Channels app. Here are the steps to register for a Channel:

  1. Navigate to your Channel leader’s Channel link on a web browser.
  2. Sign up for their Channel:
    1. Insert name
    2. Insert email
    3. Insert mobile number
    4. Tap ‘join’
    5. Insert the six digit verification code and select ‘verify’
    6. Insert credit card information 
    7. Insert coupon code (if applicable)
    8. Select 'pay' (don’t worry! On monthly subscriptions you won’t be billed until the actual launch date of the Channel)
  3. Download Marco Polo Channels App on your Android or iOS device (Yes! Marco Polo Channels is a different app than Marco Polo 😊 )
  4. Log in with the same mobile number that you signed up to the Channel with
  5. You’ll be charged accordingly:
    1. Monthly Channel: on launch date
    2. One-time Channel: upon sign up
  6. All Channel content will be viewable at 9am PST on launch date

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