Reaching out to clients before they buy

Sometimes, it's helpful to have a conversation with your clients before they make a decision to buy your services.

If you'd like to offer your clients that ability on your Channels / Expert page, we recommend that you either share a link for them to send you a message on Marco Polo directly; or if you'd prefer to get on a live call with them, setting up a Calendly account and link, so that they can schedule a time-slot to speak with you. 

How to share your Marco Polo link: 

1. Go to the Marco Polo App. 

2. On the bottom panel, click on 'Contacts', which is the second option from the left. 

3. On the Contacts page, click on the 'i' next to the 'Invite via Link' option. 

4. On the next page, click on 'Copy Link' and your MP link will be copied on to the clipboard. 

5. Copy-paste your Marco Polo link on your Channels or Experts page, and ask potential clients to click on it to Polo you if they have any questions that they need to get answered from you!

How to set-up Calendly: lets you open slots in your calendar, where potential clients can schedule live calls with you. You choose the slots available and the length of the slots. To learn more about how works and how you can set one up and use it, visit this link

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