How do I promote my Channel?

Once you've created your Channel and set your launch date, you can start promoting your Channel. 

As you look at ways to effectively market your Channel, you'll want to consider and get clarity on the following:

  • Which marketing/advertising platforms you'll use.
  • The overall value you're providing to your audience.
  • The level of interaction and engagement you're hoping for.
  • The type of content you'll be posting, and how frequently (e.g., one or multiple times per week).

Help people find your Channel

The best way to help people find your Channel is to promote and share your unique Channel link (e.g., 

You can use as the one-stop landing page where you direct all your traffic, or you can dedicate space to promoting your channel on your website, social media, etc.  
Michelle Gifford, who runs a monthly subscription Channel, created her own sales page where she clearly outlines all the benefits of joining her Channel, describes the types of content she'll be sharing, and sets prospective members' expectations about how her Channel runs. As part of marketing her business effectively, Michelle is marketing her Channel effectively. 

Build your membership

We've seen leaders have great success when they use coupon codes to entice members to join their Channel – for example, adding a percentage discount off the first month of a subscription-based Channel. 

Emphasize the benefits of Channels

When you talk about your Channel and the value that you bring as a leader, also talk about the benefits of the Channels platform itself. Here are some key points to hit: 

  • Simple, straightforward app interface 
  • More personal than a Facebook group
  • Convenient connection, on your own time 
  • No ads or algorithms means no distractions
  • Personal connection through video

Get creative!

Two of our successful Channel leaders, Robin Finn and Jennifer Tyler Lee, created promotional videos for their Channels in which they introduce themselves, highlight member testimonials, and show in-app demos of their Channel interface. 

Channels is a video-first platform, so showing, not just telling, is the perfect way to connect with prospective members. 

*Note: Members are not able to register for your Channel if you're still in the draft state. You will have to complete setting up your Channel prior to sharing your Channel and having members join your Channel. Tap here to learn more about how to create your Channel

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