How do I promote my Channel?

    A key component of having a successful Channel is marketing your Channel to your audience. Consider the following:

  • How can people find my Channel?
  • What platforms/advertising are you going to use?
  • What content will you be posting - topics, frequency, etc.?
  • What overall value are you providing your audience?
  • What interaction are you hoping for?

    Once you've created your Channel, you can start promoting it to get members signed up to join your Channel:

  1. Share your Channel link (
    • Where do I find my channel link?
    • Example of verbiage to talk about your Channel:

        XYZ is thrilled to announce that we have partnered with Marco Polo as one of the first to launch Channels by Marco Polo, a new private membership platform. We’re so excited about our invitation to join this beta stage because it will help us connect with you in a more unique, personal, and authentic way.
        What is XYZ's Channel by Marco Polo? It's a monthly membership that includes weekly training, individualized feedback, and meaningful connection to others, all through personalized video-only chat.
        How much does it cost? $X per month, exclusive initial offer.
        When: On X day we will begin our Channel, so please sign up today!Space is limited.
        How: Here’s a link to join!

  2. Members will see your landing page and be able to sign up with their name, email, phone number and credit card information
  3. Members need to sign in via your Channel link before downloading the Marco Polo Channels App
  4. Members won’t be able to view your Channel content until the launch date.
  5. If members sign up before your launch date, their Credit Cards will go through a pre-authorization charge of $1 which is refunded within several days
  6. Members will be charged accordingly:
    • Monthly: not until launch date
    • One-time fee: charged upon registration

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