How do I add an admin to my Channel?

Leaders can add other admins to help manage their Channel. Depending on your subscription tier you can have one, three, or ten admins per Channel. 

To add another admin to your Channel:

  1. Log in to your dashboard at You'll see the Channels you've created and the ones you're subscribed to. 
  2. Go to My Channels.
  3. Select Manage> Manage Members.
  4. At the top of the dialog that appears, tap Invite> Admins in blue.
  5. Here you'll have two options:
    1. Add by sending a text: Enter the phone number of the person you'd like to make an admin. They will receive a text message with a link they can follow to register for your Channel as an admin.
    2. Change member to admin: Add an existing member as an admin by searching for their name under the dropdown. Once the member is added as an admin, we will automatically cancel their subscription. 

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