How does the launch date work?

Your Channel’s launch date is the official beginning of your Channel. It's important to take all of the following into consideration before setting your launch date:

  • Be sure to set your launch date before promoting your Channel. Otherwise, members might join and be charged but come to a completely empty Channel.
  • Members can join your Channel before the launch date but will not be able to see any content until 9:00 am PST on the launch date. 
  • Members are charged at 9:00 am PST on the launch date.*
  • Members can still join your Channel after the launch date and see all previously posted content. 

We encourage leaders to make sure they allow ample time to set up their Channel and promote it to their audience – we recommend at least one week between setup and launch.   

Can I change my launch date?

You can modify the launch date yourself if you don’t have any members signed up.

*Note: This applies to monthly subscription members. Members of a one-time fee Channel are charged when they register for the Channel. Learn more about pricing and subscription tiers and how members sign up for your Channel.

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