How do I create a Channel?

First, set up your Channels account by entering your name, email, and phone number. Then follow the prompts to create your new Channel. 

1. Set up a landing page that includes:

  • Your Channel name, Channel logo, URL, and Channel description.
  • Additional items such as your Promo video (where you can share more about your Channel) and your About video (where you can share more about yourself as the Channel Leader).

2. Set up how you want to charge for your Channel:

  • Choose whether the Channel Leader takes care of payments, billing, and membership (payments go through you, and you handle billing and membership).
    Whether Marco Polo Channels takes care of it (payments go through the Channels app, and Marco Polo Channels handles billing and membership). 
  • Choose to set up a monthly membership or one-time payment.
  • Add coupon codes.
  • Add admins.

3. Schedule a launch date.

4. Read and agree to the contract agreement.

5. Choose a Channels subscription tier.

6. Download the Marco Polo Channels app on an iOS or Android phone device.

  • Log in with the same phone number you used to create your Channels account.
  • After logging in, you'll be able to see what your Channel looks like and create your first post and welcome message.

7. Invite members by sharing your Channel link.

How can I add another Channel? 

When logged into your Channels admin dashboard, under, navigate to My Services. In the top right corner tap +New Channel to add an additional Channel. 

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